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Equetech Arctic Thermal Underbreeches

under breech thermals

As I previously mentioned in another post, over the winter I really struggle with cold thighs. I manage to keep the rest of me fairly warm (even my feet!) but have always struggled with ice cold thighs where the cold sinks down to the bone and takes the rest of the day to properly warm up unless I can soak in a very hot bath for half an hour or so!

I have tried the wearing tights or normal thermals under my jodhpurs, which is fine for doing jobs around the yard, but I find thermals in particular quite uncomfortable to ride in and tights just don’t keep me warm at all.

The Equetech Arctic Thermal Underbreeches was a rather spontaneous purchase after I saw them at Equus England’s Christmas sale and I just had to try them.

As the name suggests, they are designed to be worn under breeches and jodhpurs and it shows! They are extremely comfortable and the foot stirrups keep them in place. Since buying them I have schooled, jumped and hacked in them and I love them.

They aren’t took thick so shouldn’t make it harder to do any long boots up. (I am currently struggling to find a new pair of long boots, so I haven’t been able to test this myself, but fit perfectly under my yard boots!) They come in cream/beige and black and the cream/beige colour won’t be visible through light coloured jodhpurs, making them suitable for competing and/or hunting.

Now do they work? They are certainly keeping me much, much warmer. However, after being at the yard for 3+ hours I am still getting slightly cold to the touch thighs, although I don’t feel them getting cold. So a huge improvement to other methods I have tried before.

They do only come in 2 sizes, S/M (24-30) and L/XL (32-38). I’m usually a 30/32, but went for the L/XL as I can’t stand too tight under layers, but they are very stretchy and I could probably have gotten away with the smaller size. So if you are also between their sizes, go for the fit you are most comfortable in.

I can highly recommend these and could make a good stocking filler with Christmas just around the corner if you are stuck for a present.

Last Updated on 15/03/2024

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