I’m Back!

After spending the past week sulking on my sofa with a horrible virus, I am finally pretty much back to full health! Luckily I have been really inspired recently so had several posts all written and scheduled for you lovely lot. Which turned out to be a real lifesaver as I really didn’t feel like writing anything this week, apart from my short and sweet post about Jump Racing!

But what a week to be back! Despite having done very little (nothing) to tell you about, I have plenty of blog posts just waiting to write themselves thanks to it being Olympia Horse Show this week! So you can expect my thoughts on everything happening there this year, plus a post or two about my evening there on Saturday (I can’t wait!)

I also possibly have some new, exciting news for you in the New Year, but nothing has been confirmed yet, so I can’t say too much just yet! But I’m quite excited by the possibility of it so just had to drop a hint for you!

I’m looking forward to getting back into the blogging swing and keep bringing you regular posts. Don’t forget to vote for us in the UK Blog Awards 2017 as the voting closes on Monday!



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