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Scottie’s Diary ~ Horse Vs Heron

a heron

I’ve been wanting to tell you all this story since it happened. But mum has been very busy doing God knows what, so it has taken a while for me to get her to type all this for me!

Sunday morning I was finishing my breakfast when mum arrived, so she started doing other jobs and left me to eat in piece. Once I had finished, I stood at my door, looking at her expectantly, so she knew I was finished and that she should hurry up and take me out to my field. That was when I spotted it!

There was something in my field! It was hard (practically impossible) to tell what it was from my stable. But whatever it was, it was strutting around my field! No one else was out yet, so I took it upon myself to watch it, so we knew exactly where it was.

Mum was ready for me know and kept telling me she had no idea what I was looking at. Of course she didn’t. She probably couldn’t even see what it was with her poor human eyes. Since I was the first one out, I realised I was going to have to deal with whatever this intruder was!

So I made myself really big and tall, snorted, and pranced out my stable. I had to show this intruder exactly who was boss!

Mum wasn’t in the same rush to get rid of the intruder as me. So to try and encourage her to walk faster I kept trotting to the end of my lead rope, then stop and wait for her to pass, then trot past her again. I can’t say it helped.

She had also noticed the intruder by now and was muttering to herself trying to work out what it was. We were half way there when she finally worked it out. She said it was a Heron. Now I haven’t heard of a Heron before and certainly didn’t know what one was. But she didn’t seem worried about it, so it obviously couldn’t have been dangerous.

As soon as she took my head collar off I lifted my tail and went trotting towards the huge things telling it to get out of my field! It flew off immediately. I stopped and had a look around before turning back to look at mum. I was very proud of myself for being so brave and certainly think I deserved a carrot.

But after she watched me chase the heron off, she turned round and walked back to the yard. So I had to entertain myself until Barry came out and I could tell him all about it!


Credit Brian Robert Marshall

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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