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I clipped my own horse!

scottie all clipped

Now those of you who have followed our progress for a while now may know that I have never clipped Scottie myself, apart from the odd line here and there. The main reasons for this are:

  1. I have always been lucky to have someone nearby who can clip well who is willing to do it for me
  2. I thought I would be terrible at it from previous experience.

However, Scottie’s clip this year had grown back quickly and was already getting sweaty again from the lightest work. So I knew he would need doing again soon and since he still had the lines on from his last clip, I thought it might be easier to borrow some clippers and have a go after work one night, especially now I had my bright new light in my stable!

So I decided to bite the bullet and have ago because what’s the worst what could happen? Someone could always tidy up my lines if they were truly terrible!

I’m actually pretty pleased with the result! My lines aren’t perfect and the next morning in daylight I noticed a few patch bits on his face and in his throat which were difficult to see. He might also need a bit more taken out of his armpits… But overall, not a bad job at all for my first clip and I did it all by myself. No one to hold his legs forward to do the armpits, or keep his head still for the face and throat.

Not too shabby if I do say so myself! Just need a bit of tidying up here and there!

Maybe Clippers will be on the Birthday list next year!

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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