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2016 Summary and 2017 Goals.

I can’t believe how quickly 2016 has gone by! It doesn’t seem a year ago I sat down and wrote my goals for the rest of the year, and now here I am, sitting down to see how well I have done at reaching them all!

It really has been a fantastic year this year. We have achieved so much and so many things I hadn’t even believed were possible. We had a fantastic lesson with Eventer Victoria Bax, I completed my dissertation on ex racehorse, graduated University with a very respectable 2:1 (top of my course) and won the Haynet Rising Star Award! A truly amazing year.

I think I also did a really good job of reaching my goals for 2016. My personal goals were to:

~ keep schooling sessions interesting
~ aim to have lessons at least every other month
~ think forwards while jumping
~ and say forwards while jumping!
~ don’t leave uni work until last minute so I can be more consistent working Scottie
~ get trailer license
~ find a job after University finishes in May
~ be an adult? (Not sure about this one!)

Now, I haven’t got my trailer license yet, I’m not sure I’m an adult yet, and our lessons average to be more on a 3 monthly basis. But I have definitely achieved or improved on all the other goals!

I also set me and Scottie some dressage goals for the year, which we have smashed!

own photo~ have a more consistent contact
~ don’t lose outline in transitions and changes in bend
~ score 70% in an Intro test or Win an Intro test
~ enter our first prelim test
~ master correct canter leads
~ score 50% in prelim
~ score 60% in prelim
~ score 65% in prelim
~ place for a prelim test
~ start working on novice movements
~ start to have an outline in canter
~ have a consistent contact in canter

Our contact is much stronger, we cracker our canter transitions, won an intro class, not only entered our first prelim, but have scored over 65% and placed at Prelim level and we are starting to work towards more novice movements and improving our canter.

We still need a bit more work on keeping our contact and bend throughout transitions etc and our canter still needs a reasonable amount of work. But I can’t believe how much better it is since the beginning of the year. Even the regular E-Dressage judges commented on how much our canter had improved from our first test!

Not Own Photo, owned by Equuis Photography. https://www.facebook.com/equuisimages/

Credit Jason Bax

We have been slightly less successful in goal jumping goals, not jumping perhaps as much as we should. However, saying that, Scottie seems to have got his confidence back after having his really sore shoulders beginning of the year. We aren’t jumping as big as we should be, but Scottie isn’t hesitating over simple jumps at all, where before he was refusing to walk over a pole. So that in itself is a huge improvement, which will hopefully allow us improve our jumping more next year!

I also had goals for EquiPepper and have achieved nearly all of them!

Not Own Photo, Owned by Haynet. http://www.hay-net.co.uk/~ post at least 3 times a week consistently
~ write more product reviews
~ write poor health posts
~ share my dissertation results
~ get my own domain
~ reach 2000 views a month
~ reach 3000 views a month
~ have 500 followers on Twitter
~ have 500 likes on Facebook
~ have 200 followers on Instagram

The only one I haven’t really achieved were Instagram and Facebook followers/likes and 3000 views a month. But hopefully I will get these next year, as on the views and Instagram I’m not too far away and I don’t really do as much on Facebook as I should, which is probably why I haven’t achieved this goal. So next year I will have to work harder towards this!

Keep an eye on my Goals page to see when I put up my goals for 2017. Many of them will probably be similar, ongoing goals from this year, but there should be a few new ones to hopefully tick off the list!

Last Updated on 05/06/2022

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