Update on the Ex Racehorse Database

Some of you may have seen a few mentions of the Ex Racehorse Database I created on social media over the past week. This is because after talking to someone about it me and a few other people shared it on social media in the hope of getting a few more people to add their horses. I am very pleased today that this has been hugely successful!

I have spent the past few days updating the database and I am very pleased to say that it now has 134 horses on it!

This is fantastic and there has also been a lot of interest in the database from people who work in the industry and would like to find out what horses they looked after are doing now. So hopefully this database proves to be useful!

It has also been fantastic reading some of the things people have to say about their horses, it’s truly touching. So many of these ex racehorses have not only been fantastic competition horses but amazing friends and companions, with many owners calling them a horse of a life time. Really really good to hear!

I have also had a few questions over the past few days about what information is needed to add horses to the database, plus a few other questions here and there. Because of this I am now planning on doing a series of blog posts to help answer these questions and will make sure they are easy to find from the database page.

Thank you so much for everyone who has taken the time to enter their horse(s) to the database and have shared it with their friends and family.

Visit the ex racehorse database.


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