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On the Move (Again!)

view between scotties ears

On Saturday Scottie will be moving to his 4th yard since I have had him. (But I haven’t told him yet so shhh!)

The yard we are moving to is only a 5 min walk from my front door and I have been hoping for a space to pop up there for a while! It’s a small yard with lovely people and will hopefully be really good for us. There is a school and reasonable hacking after 5 mins down a busy ish road. It’s mainly individual turnout with the occasional two going out in pairs. But Scottie is fine by himself and it means others shouldn’t be able to rip his rugs, so he can finally wear my new Premier Equine rug!

wp-1483436400784.jpgBeing so close to home will also mean that we can go out hacking with my mum and the dog and hopefully get some great photos of them together in their matching coats!

The turnout is limited. We have a good sized field each which we will be in all year, so you have to look after it. This means that when it’s wet, most people don’t turn out, so horses can be in their stables quite a bit. However, you can hay in the fields and hay is included in your livery. I am also hoping that Scottie having to have a few days in each week will make me do more with him since he has been in his stable all day.

The majority of the people there are really competition/training minded and really knowledgeable. So I plan on taking full advantage of this and hopefully see some great improvements in 2017!

Keep an eye on our social media on Saturday for photos of Scottie moving to and settling into his new home!

Last Updated on 05/06/2022

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