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Top Posts of 2016

Not Own Photo, in process of referencing/deleting.

Looking back on the stats from 2016, there were a handful of really popular posts and pages which got a lot more views than the others. So in case you missed these posts, I thought I would bring you the top 8 in a summary post of the year! So let’s start with number 8.


  1. 18 Reasons Thoroughbreds are better than Cobs. 391 Views.

Not Own Photo. Owned by Leif Harboe https://www.flickr.com/photos/leif/3728525949/in/photolist-6FtESa-78HXk-CLfUjj-rNarLk-ourZdD-4Lpaao-dVnVrA-fcoSFH-njr2dj-rUmcsB-8v4Ltf-8XDfN3-cEwiBf-fSTEP1-HsVR5V-GTx3Lt-4nyfns-6CzQAt-aEp9aB-9UXxrA-8bqfA8-eZAX5r-5aDxu2-qY87gS-9UVW6n-2erggW-nMnzgY-5oDNc8-343SuK-9UY6y1-aCtr38-rafTZi-9UYKps-bvjHfQ-9UVTTX-8RM5JZ-9UVdcB-hoHmH-7eKXWM-5qoKmM-a3777d-523mq9-6vKkqy-aWS9k6-3seGsW-r8TnB2-2mxYiH-4qcM4f-9Hhker-t2BRV

Credit Leif Harboe

In June 2016 Horse & Hound wrote an article which sparked hate across the ex-racehorse groups on social media! To rectify this hatred and to even the playing field a little, I decided to write a counter post of why thoroughbreds are so much better than cobs. Some of these reasons were; thoroughbreds have a great work ethic, they exercise themselves in the field, famous relatives, athletic and highly intelligent.



Read all 18 Reasons here.


  1. Buying an ex racehorse: problems to look for and avoid! 403 Views.

I wrote this post after reading an article on The Horses Back. It was written by an Equine Body Worker who had worked on many ex racehorses over the years and had noticed physical things you can spot on a horse which may suggest an underlying issue.

One of the most interesting things I found in this article was how the horses back bends/rotates a different way depending on whether the horse raced more on the left or right rein. She also gave her opinion on how likely the horse is to recover/get over an issue based on how it appears and how you can spot it.

You can read my summary of her article here.


  1. From Racing to Prix st George. 574 Views.

This was a guest blog written by Nic from Diamonds in the Rough. I saw her post a before and after photo of Fig in one of the ex-racehorse Facebook groups I’m part of and just had to ask if she would be willing to share her story. In this post she talks about how she found him and their journey to being the fantastic little dressage horse he is now!

Read Nic and Fig’s story.


  1. Wocket Woy and Nobby: Weal life Wacehorses! 781 Views.

I’m sure most of the equine world who have access to social media have stumbled across Wocket Woy and Nobby by now, thanks to their antics with Mattie Bach and the Pwoducer. But a lot of the time people don’t realise that they are actually racehorses in training or want to know a bit more about them/how to follow them.

This post tells you a little bit more about the horses behind the videos, including their actual racing names so you can look out for them!

Learn more about Woy and Nobby. 12805758_1690562071232730_4192953812879884040_n


  1. Mattie Bach and Wocket Woy ~ More than just Fun? 1038 Views.

As you can see, Mattie Bach and Wocket Woy is a very popular topic on equine social media! This was the first post I wrote about them and why I think they are fantastic for the industry. Not only are they creating brilliantly funny videos which are enjoyed by non-horsey folk (like my mum!) But they are also demonstrating just how fantastic these horses are! They are subjected to all sorts of crazy situations and fancy dress and don’t bat an eyelid. If that isn’t a brilliant advert for these horses I don’t know what is!

Find out more about Mattie Bach and Wocket Woy.


  1. The Ex Racehorse Database. 1039 Views.

Thanks to the huge number of people visiting the database in the last few days of 2016, it has made it into the top 3! I created the database with the idea that people in the racing industry can find out what horses they knew are doing now and so that ex racehorse owners can find out more about their horses past.

Get involved now.


  1. Sarcoids: Treatment or Management? 1064 Views.

Anyone who has ever had a horse with sarcoids knows they are a nightmare. It is therefore not surprising that my summary of what they are and different types of treatment and management is a popular post.

The post starts with a brief overview and a scientific factsheet I had to make as an assignment for University. It is clear to understand and is full of scientific research. Learn more about Sarcoids.


  1. Final Furlong; Time to Recover. 1601 Views.

The start of 2016 was shaky for the ex-racehorse owners community with the blow of the trusted and loved charity Final Furlong failing in their duties to the ex-racehorses in their care. Social media went wild with no one really knowing what had happened or where horses were and with many groups deleting posts and banning the topic, many people were confused by what was going on and worried about horses they knew to be involved with the charity. I wrote this post so that those worrying could get a summary of what happened and where they could find support and look for horses they were worried about.

Find out what happened.


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