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Scottie's Diary ~ I Am Legend

scottie matchy matchy with mum and tally.

This weekend Mum decided to move me to a new home. She arrived in a lorry yesterday lunch time and brought me in from the field extremely early.

As soon as we wewp-1483899739580.jpgre on the yard she tied me up to the lorry while her and Katie got to work getting me fit to travel… they whipped my over reach boots off and slapped on my travel boots, swapped my rugs and bandaged my tail in record time. I don’t think Mum has ever done anything so efficiently. Mum had told me that where I was going I would have all the hay I could eat and make new friends. So I wasn’t exactly unhappy about moving!

When it came to getting on the lorry, I had a good look at the ramp and floor, going half way up to inspect it all before backing off again. Everything seemed to be in good working condition, but you can’t be too careful! You hear of all sorts of horror stories of horses putting their feet through lorry ramps!!
Now I knew the floor was safe and sound, when Mum led me towards the ramp for a second time, I walked straight on like the good boy I am and was rewarded with a polo. Just to clarify, me walking on without any drama was my own idea and had absolutely nothing to do with over hearing Mum say “If he doesn’t walk on nicely in the first few attempts, we’ll just have to chase him.”

wp-1483899755197.jpgIt was a very smooth and quick journey to our destination where I was unloaded to a nice small yard and shown to my huge stable with perfectly made bed. My bed is some kind of straw cross chopped wood type thing… it’s not edible. Or at least not tasty. I tried it.

As promised, I had a huge haynet and apart from the occasional person looking over my door, I was left in peace to enjoy my haynet with a fantastic view of the other horses jumping some peculiar looking fillers outside. Over all, a very peaceful and relaxing day.


This morning Mum was the first one to arrive at the yard, which is shocking itself! She said I couldn’t go out until I was wormed. Which isn’t something I look forward to at all! But she took me into the school so I could do a bit more exploring and stretch my legs before putting me back on my freshly mucked out bed with a fresh haynet plus a mini haynet full of grass nuts. I made short work of these!

wp-1483899717680.jpgWhen she arrived this afternoon she had Auntie Scarlett, Nanny Sue and Tally the dog with her. Tally and Sue were both wearing clothes to match my PJs. So we had a few photos while Mum got to work preparing my stable for me.

I had a good groom and pamper and Auntie Scarlett even took me for a walk around the school to stretch my legs. She really is much smaller than wp-1483899721562.jpgMum! Unfortunately Tally still doesn’t want to be my friend. I have no idea what I am doing wrong! It just seems that every time I try to say hello, she looks away and ignores me… her loss.

Mum is still surprised about how fantastic I was walking onto the lorry with very little drama and I am getting lot’s of compliments at the yard about how quiet I am and Katie in particular has been saying some very nice things about how sweet I am. I don’t know why everyone is so surprised. I am an ex racehorse and therefore I am a Legend!


Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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