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Stepping Back to the Beginning

Should I Start a blog?

When you start blogging, generally you start by reading and interacting with other blogs about a similar topic. This process gives you inspiration to write your own blog posts but this is also networking, which is pretty vital if you ever want people to read what you write.

Life has been pretty hectic recently and I have really been pushing myself to write as often as possible, aiming for at least 3 posts a week and a #ThrowbackThursday post shared on social media. Because of this I have found that I haven’t really been reading any other blogs. Not even blogs I really enjoy. I don’t know why this is exactly. As I’ve been on social media daily and I must have seen blog posts shared on there, I just haven’t taken the time to stop and take a look.

Today (probably a few days ago by the time I post this) I broke this habit. While scrolling through Haynet’s newsfeed on their website I opened at least 5 blog posts and read them from start to finish, leaving a reply on a few of them. I then went on my WordPress reader (the newsfeed for the blogs you follow) and had a good scroll through that too, again, opening a few and reading them fully. I had forgotten how much I enjoy reading other people’s blogs. Especially when they are on something a bit controversial or they have reached a milestone with their horses.

So a new and slightly different goal for 2017 will be for me to not let myself become too self-involved and stay active within the equine blogging community. I hope to be reading other blogs at the bare minimum of once a week and leaving my thoughts where I can. If you think I might be interested in a particular blog post and are worried I might not see it, please share it with me via social media or even leaving a comment somewhere on my blog!

I have also decided that I want to work with more bloggers again and I am considering bringing back the Saturday Switch series. So if you are interested in writing a guest blog for EquiPepper please do get in touch!

Last Updated on 05/06/2022

4 thoughts on “Stepping Back to the Beginning”

  1. Hi!
    I have also committed to reading more blogs and getting more involved. I have promised 1-2 hours a day to reading what others have read.

    I think any time you can encourage others is a great day!

    Happy reading!
    Jill Mansor owner of RAISE YOUR DREAMS FARM

    1. Thank you 😊 I never actually stopped blogging, was just writing so much I wasn’t reading others! But I did see your post the other day! Was so true!

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