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Settling in like a Saint

Scottie in his rug looking handsome

As Scottie told you all in his diary on Sunday, we have moved yards and he is settling in well. We have been there nearly a week now so I thought I would let you know how it’s all going and try not to repeat too much from Scottie’s Diary.

First I just have to say how easy he has been so far. He stayed in for the first half of the week and coped with this amazingly. He stood quietly on the yard while he was mucked out twice a day. Although he has started a habit of using the tie up bar to pull his head collar over his ears and off before going for a wander around the yard, saying hello to everyone… So I do have to keep an eye on him and tie him up somewhere else when I can!

He has been ridden and lunged in the school and behaved fantastically, although he was a bit fresh when we rode the morning after arriving, but he has lunged very relaxed since then so I’m sure it was just him getting used to everything.

wp-1483899755197.jpgWe are also trying a different bed and it seems to be working really well for us. Scottie is currently on a wood pellet base with wood chip on top. I don’t think the wood chip is particularly absorbent but it is really easy to muck out, smells amazing and thanks to having wood pellet underneath it, I have hardly taken anything out! (Even with him spending 3 days in all day!)

Scottie went out for the first time on Wednesday with a lovely mare called Jo Jo who will be his new field buddy. They seem to be getting on fine so far. Scottie went out, had a very quick canter with Jo Jo close behind before saying hello. They then both went about their business, Scottie having a roll and Jo Jo eating some of the hay which had been put out. They both just seem to be enjoying having company.

Since I am now away from playful rug wreckers (at least I hope I am… touch wood!) Scottie has finally got to wear my premier equine rug I got for my birthday! I will add a photo when I get one in daylight, but it seems to be a fantastic rug!

That’s all for now from us. Depending on whether we get the snow people are predicting, we might go out for our first hack with Mum and Tally this weekend, which will be nice and hopefully we will get a good schooling session in too and I’ll have a bit more to tell you!

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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