Adding Your Horse to the Ex Racehorse Database

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The aim of the EquiPepper Ex Racehorse database is for people to search for old equine friends and find out what they are doing now. For the database to work, ex racehorse owners have to enter their horses information so they can be added to the database. In this post I hope to explain why you should want to add your horse to the database as well as how you do it.

So what’s in it for you?

You love your horse, but chances are someone else loved him before you ever met him and would love to get in contact with you. Taking a few minutes to fill in the form to add your horse to the database so that old friends can find your horse and see what he is doing now.

I’m sure many of you will have also spent some time researching your ex racehorse, trying to find out a bit more about their previous career. Well adding your horse to the database can allow you to find out more!

Anyone who finds and remembers your horse can get in contact with you, if you want to. Don’t worry, the email address you supply will not be posted as part of the database. Instead anyone wanting to get in contact with you will leave contact details with EquiPepper, which we will send to the email address you provided. You can then decide if you want to get in contact or not.

But these people will probably like to see/hear how your horse is getting on and will likely be able to tell you a bit about what they were like when they knew them and might even have photos to show you!

So what do you need to do?

On the ex racehorse database page, there is a form for you to fill in to enter your horses details. I will quickly run through all the elements of the form and what should be included. All elements with (required) next to them Need to be filled in. Ones without can be left blank.

Your Name (required): Only first names are published on the database to help protect your privacy. So although you can enter your full name, only the first name will be used.

Your Email (required): Please enter a valid email address you actually use. I promise not to send you loads of junk mail you don’t want. I will only contact you on this email to send you contact details of someone who would like to get in contact.

Horse’s Racing Name (required): This is the name that people will know your horse as, as it will be unique to them. Also currently the database doesn’t include breeding, so is the only way to search for a particular horse.

Horse’s Stable name: If you call your horse something different on a day to day basis you might want to include this.

Horse’s Year of Birth (required): Full date of birth not needed, only the year. Such as 2008. This is important as in the rare occasion where horses have the same or very similar names (ie; Jack Frost and Frosty Jak) the year of birth can help people remember which horse they knew. Or can help them with a quick racing post search!

Country (required): This I think has confused a few people as to whether it is the country of birth or country the horse is currently in. This is the country the horse is currently in. So where you live. I might reword this on the form to make it clearer.

County: As above, this is the county in which the horse is currently living. But this is optional.

What is the horse doing now (required): This is where you can quickly tell the world what your horse is doing right now. Whether they are retired, schooling, competing, breeding. It can be as short or as detailed as you like!

Any plans for the horses future?: If you have an aim for the horse, such as to compete in a certain discipline or level, but you haven’t reached that yet, this is where you can talk about any plans/aims/goals you have. For example, you might currently be doing lots of hacking and schooling, but be hoping to event in the next few years.

Any other comments: This is a section I included for you to say anything that doesn’t fall under the other categories. You might want to talk about their temperament, or something amazing you have done together etc. Anything else you want to say you can do so here!


Hopefully this post has helped answer most of your questions regarding adding your horse to the database. I hope to write another post soon about searching for a horse using the database and possibly a FAQs post.

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