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Waterproof Hi Vis Aspey Jacket

high vis jacket

I love this jacket. I bought it in a sale over the summer but I’m unsure whether I got the padded winter version or the lightweight summer version. But from the website it looks like they are basically the same, ones just warmer, so this review should hopefully work for both!


Winter £89.99, Summer £65.99

I think I must have the winter padded one since I have been using it a lot out hacking recently as my only top layer and been really toasty! In fact, since it is rather snug I find it too tight with too many layers, so some cold days I have worn it over a strappy top and been perfectly warm on our hacks out!


It’s a really good fit. It’s close fitting, but not too tight, and really comfortable to ride in. And the pockets are really big. So many coats I struggle to put my phone and a decent pair of gloves in the pockets. There is also an inside pocket for your phone.

It’s really, really, Hi Vis! It comes in yellow, pink or orange and it is made out of a material so that my yellow coat literally glows in the sun! It also has loads of extra hi vis strips on it so that there is no excuse for you to not be seen.

It comes in a wide range of sizes from XSmall to XXXLarge. So it will fit every rider! I have Medium or Large and I usually buy a ladies 14-16 in coats to give myself some extra room for layers. As I previously mentioned, I do find it a bit snug for several layers, so if you want to layer up with it, you might want to go a size larger than you normally do.

The only criticism I have is that the bottom of the two zips is a bit rough/sharp as I’ve noticed that it has started to scratch the front of my saddle a little bit. However, I have just pulled the bottom zip up a bit and stopped this problem!

I really like this jacket and it has solved my ongoing struggle of trying to pull Hi Vis bibs on over my coats! I also have the matching exercise sheet to review for you too! So keep your eyes peeled!

Last Updated on 15/03/2024

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