Exciting News and possible New Logo

Those of you who follow us on social media might have seen my posts about getting some very exciting news. Well I’m afraid this post isn’t about to tell you what it is just yet! You have to wait a little bit longer for that news (probably towards the end of January) but it is fantastic and I really can’t wait to tell you all! – Which is why I keep mentioning it!

The main part of this post is that I have been toying with a new logo design. It’s very similar to my current logo. But due to how I made the last logo, it doesn’t scale particularly well, so I’m hoping the new logo will be a better digital quality.

As a reminder, this is the current logo:

owned and designed by equipepper

This is what I have got so far:


My big question for you guys is, does the slightly different coloured horse at the end work? Or should I make it more blue/dark like the other two?

Over all I like the logo and think I prefer it to my last one, just undecided about the colour changes between the horses. Which should be relatively easy to fix if it needs doing.

Also wondering if maybe the horses need to be a bit smaller? And now I have seen the two next to each other, I want to darken the back ground colour a little too. All opinions welcomed!


What do you think?

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