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More YouTube?

Not Own Photo, in process of referencing/deleting.

After a chat with My Horse Box the other day about the lack of equine product reviews who do video product reviews I am considering becoming more active on my YouTube account.

Currently my account is only being used for uploading dressage test videos or other videos that are too long/big for social media. I don’t really advertise or share these videos any further than embedding them in a relevant blog post. So they just sort of sit there doing very little. Visit the EquiPepper YouTube channel .

However, for certain products, a video review would be very helpful alongside a blog post review. And actually the more I think about it, taking more videos would go very nicely with my 2017 goal of taking more photos.

My phone has a decent camera, I have my go pro for riding and I can leave it propped up somewhere to give a good view of an exercise I want to ride if I haven’t got a camera man handy. So my only excuse for not taking more video is that the editing process can be long and painful.

I have always used movie maker in the past, largely because it came with Microsoft Office and is fairly straight forward to use. But it can run very slowly and takes a long time to process new videos before you can start editing them… but that could partly be my slow laptop!

I am still undecided about how useful YouTube will be when I consider how much extra time I will have to put into it. But I am definitely going to consider it and try and film more of what me and Scottie get up to, even if it only adds up to the occasional video!

How many of you regularly watch horse related YouTube videos? And how many of you would like to see more videos of what we are up to?

Last Updated on 05/06/2022

3 thoughts on “More YouTube?”

  1. I love watching horsey YouTube videos and I would definitely be interested in more videos from you! I also find that movie maker takes ages to process the video before I can start editing so it isn’t just you. Having said that, my laptop is ancient so I may not be the best judge!

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