Little Alf Sweatshirts and Hat Silk

little alf jumper and tally
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If you follow us on social media you will have likely already seen that our first Little Alf products have arrived and I am very excited to finally sit down and tell you all exactly what I think about them!

Little Alf Hat Silk


I got this hat silk in baby blue but it is also available in pink and lilac. It’s a lovely colour, girly but not childish! The material is of a good quality. The Little Alf logo is towards the back of the hat and is subtle. I think huge logos on hats can look a bit silly, so the size of this logo is perfect as it keeps the hat looking smart.

I tend to always wear the same hat silk, purely because I hate how hard they are to put on and look right. I didn’t have that problem at all with this silk. It slid on my hat easily and I didn’t have to wrestle with it at all to make it cover the entire hat and sit where I wanted it too! However, it might be due to my small head/hat, but the silk is almost a little too big. It covers my hat easily but was a bit baggy in places so it took a bit of fiddling to get it to sit smoothly. But as I said, that might be due to my freakishly small head!


I also got two gorgeous sweatshirts which is fantastic as they are never things I buy for myself but things I love wearing and find really useful. Both of the sweaters I got in Large (I’m womens 12/14) and I love how they fit. I guess they are a bit on the big and baggy side, but that’s how I like jumpers. I don’t like things tight or too close fitting around my shoulders and arms. I think a Medium would fit me perfectly well, but I think I would probably prefer the fit of the large.

Both sweatshirts are really cosy without being too warm. Recently it’s been around 2-7 degrees and putting a body warmer or a waterproof coat over the top has been all I needed outside. If I was riding I wouldn’t need the extra layer over the top to keep me warm, so the perfect in-between layer for the yard!

Little Alf Sweatshirt Blue


This sweatshirt is simple and comfy. The image is easily recognisable as Little Alf brand and is fun. It comes in both adult and child sizes and in several colours, although I would say it’s probably aimed a bit more at children than adults. It’s probably not something you would wear to work or to special occasions, although saying that, I did wear mine to dinner and the movies on date night at the weekend!


Hot Air Balloon Sweatshirt


This is my favourite of the two, I think because the image is just that little bit more grown up, making it suitable for wearing to work or smarter occasions. It would be nice to see it come out in a few different colours other than white. Especially as the lives of many adult equestrians is fairly hectic and I am rather paranoid about spilling something on it!


In case you haven’t heard, Little Alf’s new range comes out very soon and all these products are part of their old range, just to give me (and you) a taste of what they do and what’s to come. I’ll have to check if these products will be continued with the new range or not. But they are still available on the website, in fact the Hot Air Balloon sweatshirt is currently on sale! Visit the shop here.

Last week Hannah posted a sneak preview video of what we can expect from the new Little Alf range which will be arriving Feb/March time. So keep your eyes peeled and if you don’t already follow us on social media, make sure you do to keep up to date with everything that’s going on!


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