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Scottie’s writing a book!

I’ve always loved the idea of writing a book and I currently have at least 15 half written stories currently saved on my laptop. Weirdly though, despite my love of horses and how much I enjoy writing EquiPepper, only one or two of these are horse related.

I really enjoy helping Scottie write his diary (which was inspired by Hovis) and after seeing a few Equine Publishers looking for new stories and several new authors publishing their books, I have decided to sit down and try and create enough content for a book!

My aim for it currently will be to create a collection of very short stories/thoughts from Scottie and other ex-racehorses I have known over the years. These stories will be partly true and partly exaggerated. I hope for it to have a similar feel as Scottie’s Diary and to give an insight to what life is really like with an ex racehorse on a day to day basis.

It’s still extremely early days for this project. So far all I have is ideas and a few thousand words. But so far I’m feeling really positive about it and I’m hoping that by telling you all about it that it will help motivate me to stick with it. I’m aiming for a couple of hundred words a day during the week. I’m also asking you to try and remember to ask me about it regularly and tell me off if there’s no development!

I’ll make sure I post regular updates on Twitter so make sure you follow us. Obviously the big aim for this project would be to get published, because that would just be a dream! But either way I will make sure the end result is available to everyone who wants to read it. Hopefully I will have more to tell you soon.

Last Updated on 05/06/2022

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