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June Adult Training Camp

scottie jumping

I am currently in the process of sending my medical and booking forms off to reserve my spot for my first ever horse camp this summer! It’s not until June but I am so excited already. I know several people going, a few from the first yard I ever had Scottie at and one from our current yard and they have all always said how much fun it is. So I can’t wait for it all!

I still need to organise transport, which I guess I should start thinking about soon… and where I’m going to stay. But I’ve got time to do that still!

The camp is organised by one of our local riding clubs and they have several over the summer and for each you can choose whether you want to do flat or jump. I have decided to do the jumping camp, but when you choose the maximum height you are happy jumping I have put 2”6, which I think is roughly 75cm.

This is because the next height up was 3”and over, which works out about 90cm+. Since Scottie has had so much time off from jumping and lost a fair bit of confidence, I thought it would be much better to jump that little bit smaller and enjoy it, than have a few dramas jumping that bit bigger. Plus for the cross country, jumping 75cm from trot is manageable. But 90cm from trot is not comfortable!

The camp is held over 2-3 days and as part of the jumping pack I will have; a flat lesson, a pole/gridwork lesson, a show jumping lesson and 2 hours on the cross country course. I also think there might be other demo type things going on too! So it will be a really exciting few days with plenty of blog post content for you.

I was surprised at how reasonably priced the camp is too! I expected it to be much more! So if any of you hear of any camps happening near you I would definitely look into it!


Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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