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Our Arctic Weekend Starts Now

scottie eating hay in the field

Well the cold is back with a vengeance this week with the weather man predicting light snow over the weekend. So naturally I’m hoping for the Swiss Alps to dump all their snow img_20170208_190534_882.jpgon top of my village so we get snowed in until at least Tuesday! I can let the horses go and play in the snow while I go down the pub for a few drinks and eat a Chinese! So if the snow gods are listening, lots of snow here please!

Whether or not we get the snow, the cold conditions provide the perfect conditions to give you a good review of my new Equetech Thermal Underbreeches from Equus. So you can probably expect a review of these breeches during the week or possibly next weekend.

If the village isn’t snowed under, tomorrow we will be having a visit from an Equissage rep. logo-equissage_gold2xI saw him advertising FREE visits on Facebook a few weeks ago and since I still have my poor student mentality, I jumped at the suggestion. I am not 100% what this visit will be, but I’m assuming it will be a demo of their massage rug on Scottie and a talk about the benefits and why I should buy one. So you can expect to hear about that next week too!

What do you all have planned for the weekend?

Last Updated on 05/06/2022

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