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Equetech Thermal Stirrup Underbreech

thermal under breeches

This weekend provided the perfect conditions for putting my Equetech Thermal Stirrup Underbreeches from Equus. On Saturday morning I wore them hacking in the snow and I wore them again Sunday morning for my 3 and half hour morning at the yard, once again in the snow and I am really impressed with them.

They are very thin with extra padding on the thighs. I think this design works really well. The thinner material means they fit better under jodhpurs and boots than thicker thermals and base layers. They were less restrictive than other thermals I have worn and they were so comfy I quickly forgot I was wearing them.

However, despite being thinner, the extra patches make them fantastic at keeping you warm where it really matters. In fact I think they did a better job of keeping me warm than the other pair of Equetech thermals I have reviewed.

After spending my Sunday morning standing around in the cold waiting for Scottie’s massage demo, I was surprised at how warm my legs were when I got home! Yes they were still a little bit cold to the touch, but much warmer than they have been.

They come in black or white, so the white could be worn under cream/white breeches at shows. They also come in a good range of sizes, XS-XL in long or Regular length, so they should fit everyone. I can highly recommend these thermals and my Mum is now thinking about buying some for dog walking! They are so comfortable and actually keep you warm!



Last Updated on 15/03/2024

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