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My Blue Chip All Star Academy Audition

In case you missed all my hints on social media, I am auditioning for this year’s series of Blue Chip All Star Academy on Horse and Country. I wanted to audition last year but the week you had to be available for was in the middle of final exams and assignment dates for University… so I thought it might be a bad idea.

But since watching the series air last year and seeing how much I would have loved to have gone, I have been hoping for them to announce a second series. So I was over the moon when I heard they would be coming back this year and have been planning my audition video ever since.

Unlike other competitions, it’s not all about your riding ability. It takes into account your horsemanship and media skills too. So hopefully, being a blogger and rider with an equine science degree, I should be what they are looking for!

It really would be a fantastic experience getting to go to the all star academy! It would be the kick start me and Scottie need to our year to start taking life a bit more seriously and achieve our goals! Because what’s more inspirational than spending 4 days with top riders and trainers!

Thanks to my shockingly slow internet, my video is slowly uploading to YouTube. So the video should appear below when it is ready!

Last Updated on 05/06/2022

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