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Where we are Right Now

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This is just a quick post to keep you all up to speed with what I am doing at the moment as it seems like it has been a very busy week and I have lots of little things to tell you, so I thought the easiest thing to do would be to put them in a nice little post for you!

Firstly, in case you missed the news, we have passed 30,000 views since starting EquiPepper! This is hugely exciting for me, especially as February has also been a record breaking month, getting 500+ more views than our previous record breaking month!

I am also currently extremely excited about the Blue Chip All Star Academy auditions! If you follow me on social media you will have probably seen that I am sharing posts about this nearly daily… I auditioned and have everything crossed that we make the final 8. It would be a truly life changing experience for me and Scottie. But being the analytic person I am, I am also spending a reasonable amount of time watching all the other audition videos and comparing them to my own… It’s not a very healthy hobby but in 8 days I will know whether I have made it or not, so I can last until then! (I hope!)

Some of the New range of Little Alf products are now in stock and I should be getting our next ones to review very soon, which is exciting and will hopefully be a great distraction from the Blue Chip audition videos! I also (hopefully) have a few new products on their way for me to review, including a Handwoven Browband which will be published on Haynet. So keep your eyes peeled on our social media for their arrival!

I have also decided that I want to do more with our YouTube channel. I am still unclear what more is, but there will be some at some point! I have started filming snippets for a trailer/introduction video for our channel, so you can expect to see that at least!

And last, but certainly not least, Scottie! We have recovered from gelding flu/dusty hay/whatever excuse he was using to have some time off work! We also survived storm Doris, although the day after Scottie used different horses in the field next door as a perfect excuse to remove a front shoe. Despite this, we had a fantastic schooling session Saturday morning. We did lots of transitions within our trot and changes of bend and Scottie stayed light and consistent in my hand. We also got stretch down on both reins in canter for the first time ever! So hopefully this has finally clicked in Scottie’s head and it wasn’t just a fluke! I’m hoping to spend our next few sessions doing more lateral work but also improving our straightness, our centre lines have become a little bit wobberly!

Fingers crossed that we will get some good luck and our hard work will be seen by Pammy at the Blue Chip All Star Academy!

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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