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Exploring Something Very New

the guinea pigs

Someone I’m friends with on Facebook through horses also breeds and shows guinea pigs. This idea has always interested me, especially as my Granddad used to breed and show rabbits and has a few quite impressive trophies from it! The pig twins are only pet shop pigs, so unlikely to be anything special or do amazingly well in proper classes. But for a while now I have been thinking it might be fun to take them and see how we get on for a fun day out!

So the other evening I messaged the woman I have on Facebook just asking for a bit more information and she was really helpful. My local show is only 10-20 mins in the car and you don’t need to be a member to take part, but apparently to be a member is very cheap anyway!

She suggested just coming to have a look around for the first show and then enter my boys in the Pets section for the next show. So I’ve had a look at the schedule and the pet section has the following classes for adult pigs:wp-1488742977248.jpg

  • Rough
  • Smooth Crested
  • Smooth
  • Longhaired
  • Adult Exhibitors pet challenge
  • Super Pet
  • And an adults members points class.

The first 4 classes are basically type/breed classes. Ronnie would definitely be in the smooth class. I’m not too sure about Reggie as he has got a longer coat and a rosette (whirl) but I think he is probably still a smooth.

I have no idea what the last 3 classes are, so it will be something to ask about when I’m there. Super pet could be a ‘best in show’ or ‘championship’ class. But who knows?

I’ve also had a look at the proper classes, trying to work out what the boys would be doing if we enjoy it. The type classes are split into 4 main types of class; Self, Non-Self, rare/exotic and breeding.

wp-1489143359260.jpgI think Ronnie is a self, which means uniformly one colour. These classes are then split into specific colours. I think he is either Red or Golden… but there are two golden classes, PE Golden and DE golden… so I need to find out what these mean! My quick google search also said something about having black skin… which Ronnie doesn’t… so again I am unsure!

Reggie is harder to classify, but he would be in the non-selfs section, which is basically anything what’s not one colour! He is some kind of Bi-Colour, but from my research I am struggling to work out what exactly he is. He could be:

  • Broken Coloured, meaning doesn’t fit into any category
  • Dutch, similar markings you see on dutch rabbits
  • Dalmation, white body, black head and feet with black spots on the body
  • Magpie, just seems to be a mix of black and white hair
  • Roan, a mix of black and white hairs, similar to horses

I’m looking forward to find out more about this very new world, especially when I found out classes cost 20p to enter and the rosettes are huge! It sounds like I can have a day out with the pig twins for less than £10, and that could include my lunch! So it could be a nice thing to do every few months or so. I will keep you up to date with our experiences. Also if you know anything at all about guinea pig shows/colours/types etc your input is welcomed!

Last Updated on 05/06/2022

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