April Dressage Show!

After making the decision that me and Scottie need to be doing more than we are, I have booked us into a local riding club dressage competition on the 2nd of April. I am really looking forward to it.

I have decided that since our canter has improved so much recently that I’ve even taken the big step to do two prelims this time, banishing the intro! I feel like it is silly to continue doing intros when I am hoping to be working towards novice movements in walk/trot while working on our canter. So apart from the intro video I filmed in November for E-Dressage and entered this month in Dressage Anywhere, we won’t be doing any more intros!

The tests we are doing are Prelim 13 and 18. We have done both of these before through online classes, so I have a score to aim for/beat for both of them, which hopefully we can do! Prelim 13 was one of first prelims we attempted, and we scored a fairly respectable (for the time) 58%. I would like to think we will beat this next month, but anything can happen. Last time we rode Prelim 18 we scored 62%, which I think is still a good score for us. I would ideally like to beat both of these scores, but as we haven’t had a test judged for a while now I am unsure where we are. I think we have improved, but I think I would still score us in the low 60s, so we will have to see!

I’ll keep you updated on our progress! In the mean time keep an eye on Dressage Anywhere’s scoreboard as I’ve entered a few of our unmarked videos into classes for March and April.


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