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Tottie Maven Gilet and Woodcote Sports Top

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Last week I saw Tottie were looking for Equestrian Bloggers on social media and I got in contact with them about reviewing a product or two. I was over the moon when I came home to a parcel with five gorgeous Tottie items inside. And they weren’t just five different items, they all worked together to create a stylish equestrian outfit.


I have now had the chance to try on and put them through their paces at the yard and in this post I will be reviewing the Maven Gilet and Woodcote Womens Sports top.


Maven Gilet



My gilet is ocean blue, but it is also available in berry and comes in sizes 6-16. It is extremely comfortable and kept me the perfect temperature while riding, especially when I wore it over the Woodcote sports top. It has two good sized zip up pockets with a third, smaller internal pocket. There is plenty of space for your keys, phone and a pair of gloves! The main zip is also a two way zip, this is quite important to me as i’ve had zips scratch my saddle in the past so on low riding jackets and gilets I like to pull the second zip up a bit too.

I like the mix of soft shell with fleece underneath the arms. This is a great design as I sometimes find that your arms rubbing/brushing against soft shell can make a noise which some sensitive horses do react to, especially on a windy day! So having the fleece there instead is a brilliant design.

I also love the geometric print lining. It’s something a bit different to your bog standard equestrian wear and brings a bit of style to the yard!


Woodcote Womens Sports Top

ImageGen (2)


I have needed something like this for a while now, so I was really pleased when one arrived from Tottie. It comes in blue (cobalt) or white and in sizes 6-16. It’s really comfortable and the perfect layer. It works well as a base layer on a cold day or by itself when its mild and/or your riding. I really like the fact that it is zipped so that if it’s cold or breezy you can have it zipped up to your chin but then if you get warm while riding you can unzip it again. It also makes it much easier when putting it on and taking it off.

However, they haven’t made it boring and instead have done what other sports are doing and have made base layers fashionable. They have added light blue stitching and piping along the sleeves adding detail.

These two items have now become my regular Saturday morning wear! Perfect for my morning ride and jobs. Keep your eyes peeled for our next post reviewing the other Tottie products.

Last Updated on 15/03/2024

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