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Little Alf Bumbag Review

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The second product I received from Little Alf to review for you all was a bumbag. Now I am a big fan of the bumbag, especially during the summer months. It’s a practical way to carry your essentials round while at the yard and riding when it’s too warm for a jacket with pockets. Or if you have to hack to shows like I have done in the past, it’s the perfect place to store your money, phone etc.

The Little Alf Bumbag comes in 3 colours; blue, pink (raspberry) and black. The straps are easily adjustable and can be easily changed to fit you perfectly. The bag is also a really good size. I can comfortable fit my phone, keys and purse inside and probably a pair of riding gloves too! imag1422.jpg

There are 2 compartments, both have zips, which is important for security. The front pocket is the bigger of the two and is where I would put all my main bits and pieces. The second pocket is at the back and is smaller. I think this pocket is perfect for putting loose change/notes if you aren’t taking a purse with you.

I’m not sure the bag is waterproof, but it is a hardy material and will keep your belongings dry in the rain, just maybe not if your horse dumps you in the sea! wp-1488742774214.jpg

Last Updated on 10/08/2018

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