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Promising Visit from the Back Lady

scottie all clipped

On Saturday we had a visit from the back lady and I’m really pleased with how it went. For the first time ever, he didn’t need a huge amount of work done. His pelvis, shoulders and neck were all absolutely fine. Which is great because these are areas we usually have problems!

There was a bit of tension and pain on his right side where the saddle goes, but again, he has always needed a bit of work done in the saddle area. This could be due to damage from when he was racing and linked to why he can be a bit cold backed. She also didn’t think that the saddle is causing the problem as such, more that him having more muscle on the left and how he drops slightly through the pelvis to the right causes the saddle to sit to the right, which I already knew!

Although dropping through the pelvis can be a sign of hind limb lameness, she doesn’t think this is the case with Scottie at all. She said it could be due to his left side having more muscle than the right. But she said that where he is dropping, he is actually fairly level muscle wise. So it could just be a case of he has one leg slightly longer than the other.

She hadn’t seem him before, but she is probably the most experienced person I have used so far. She was so knowledgeable and from what she said, it really sounds like Scottie is improving! So I’m looking forward to cracking on and having a great season!

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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