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Getting Competition Season Ready

Scottie in hand showing, how skipping work for competiting can get you fired!

In a previous post I talked about how I wanted to do ‘big’ things with Scottie this year and really start to get somewhere together. I have since then realised that this isn’t just a case of Scottie needing to get fit and into shape, I also need to go to a serious fitness boot camp!

So I have decided that starting in April (I thought it would be better to give myself time to plan!) I will be trying to keep myself in a routine to help get fitter, stronger and maybe even lighter!

So to start with, I have created a little work schedule for myself. It isn’t anything too hard/strenuous, as I know that I wouldn’t stick to it! But it is things I should already be aiming to do with Scottie with a little bit extra for me.


‘Morn Jobs’ is just my normal yard jobs, which can be brilliant at burning those calories and keeping you fit! Along with my usual jobs, I have also scheduled in time for poo picking on a Saturday afternoon. There are two reasons for this, the first being it is a job I always struggle to find the time for. But it is also good exercise. However, on particularly busy or rainy weekends, I am prepared to let this slide for the week!

I find it really hard to get motivated to do much with Scottie after I have been at work, so I am aiming to do at least 30mins schooling two evenings a week. I think this is a manageable aim and I should be able to stick to it. I also find that the pessoa is great for Scottie, especially now I am encouraging him to stretch down and carry himself more in canter. So I want to make sure I include this in our routine.

I have included a somewhat optional groundwork session on a Wednesday evening. Scottie doesn’t need to be worked 6 days a week, so if we are having a particularly good or hard working week, this is another good place to give him a day off. However, making it a ground work session means we can do new things depending on how the mood takes us!

At the weekend I have given myself a bit more work to do with setting myself a goal of at least 40 mins schooling on a Saturday. This can be flat or jumping, as long as we are both working. On the Sunday I am also aiming for at least 40 mins in the saddle, but this can be on a hack or in the school. This is because although neither of us are particularly fussed about hacking, it is important to get out and about every now and then.

There are hundreds of quick high intensity work outs online now which are meant to be great. So on evenings where I won’t be riding, I thought they are a good way for me to do a bit of exercise without it being a really daunting thing. I am unsure what workouts I will be doing exactly, but I am thinking something which will strengthen my core and get my heart rate going. Any suggestions are welcomed!

My final mini workout aspect for my routine is going for a walk on a Sunday afternoon. This is largely weather dependant but is something I want to try and do. I don’t have any target distances for this walk as such. Just a good walk at a reasonable pace. It is also the perfect opportunity to hatch those eggs on Pokemon Go!

This is where I should probably talk about the changes to my diet… I don’t really plan on making many. Now this isn’t because I think my diet is brilliant, it’s not. But the actual meals I eat aren’t the problem. Yes my portions are a tad big, but they are generally fairly healthy. My downfall is snacking at work. I am terrible at being hungry. I get grumpy and just completely switch off and lose all motivation. So my plan is to change my snacking habits, buy less snacks and try and buy filling but lower calorie options.

I’m going to try and start implementing these changes in the next few weeks so that the start of April isn’t a huge shock to the system, but I’m hoping to be on this new schedule for the 1st! Please check up on me and ask if I’m being good and sticking to it! Wish me luck, I’m going to need it!

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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