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Tottie Belt and Chute Review

me in my tottie gilet and snood

This is the second part of my Tottie review. I reviewed the sports top and gilet in a previous post. In this post I will be reviewing the Ampleforth Belt and Maven Neck Chute. Unfortunately the Burgess breeches were sized wrong and I had to send them back, so I won’t be able to review these for you today. However, I recently purchased a white pair of breeches from Tottie for our dressage show. So I will be sure to review these for you at a later date.

Ampleforth Belt



The Ampleforth belt is available in two different colours, brown and red or black and blue. I was sent the black and blue to match my outfit! The belt comes in 3 sizes, XS, S and M. Mine was a Medium and fit comfortably although it was on the biggest whole. I have checked the size guide and the M is 32-34 inches. I’m usually anything between 30-34, so it does seem to come up a tad small on the sizing.

However, saying that, the blue (or red) area is elastic, so there is a reasonable amount of stretch in the belt if you need an extra inch! The elastic part of the design works really well. It brings a bit of give to the belt, making it more suitable for being used whilst in the saddle. it also brings a bit of colour and style to your traditional leather belt.

Maven Neck Chute



This chute comes in navy and has a similar (if not the same) pattern to the inside of my gilet! So really works with my outfit. It is made from a lightweight material which keeps you warm but doesn’t smother you like a snood might. It keeps you at a comfortable temperature and is perfect for around the yard and i
n the saddle.

The best thing about a chute is how adaptable it is. Tottie even include 9 different ways you can wear the chute on the packet, but I’m sure you can think of a few more! It’s a really stylish and practical product!


Last Updated on 15/03/2024

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