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My A-Z of Horse Ownership

I have been following Sophie Tunnah’s (Team Tunnah Eventing) A-Z of Everything Equestrian post and been really enjoying it. It has also inspired me to do my own, after all, everyone does everything a little bit differently and should therefore will hopefully come up with a slightly different list of A-Z horsey things.

So this is my personal horse owner A-Z!

A is for All About my Horse

I’m sure I’m not the only horse owner to be prone to perhaps over talking about their horse… I certainly don’t go a day without talking about Scottie to someone!


B is for Balancers.

I love feed balancers. I think they are a really easy way to make sure your horse is getting everything he needs. They are especially good for good doers!

C is for Chestnut! 

I love a ginger horse and bright chestnuts are easily my favourites! If they are a Thoroughbred then even better!


D is for Driving

Scottie made it quite clear to the Horse Medium that he didn’t want to be a giant driving pony. But I was still involved in helping his girlfriend Milly learn to drive and Scottie does enjoy the occasional long reining session.

E is for Eventing

My aim for Scottie is to event at BE90-100. So eventing is often on my mind, especially now I’ve set us the ambitious goal of attempting our first beginners ODE in October…

F is for Friends

Own Photo of Scottie and Milly.

G is for GO!

Scottie can be extremely lazy and is very good at backing off my leg, especially when it comes to jumping. So I haven’t learnt to really think GO! while riding.

H is for Hi Vis

Although we don’t hack as much as we have done, wearing Hi Vis when hacking is really important, especially where we are now!


Can you spot us?

I is for Injury (often self inflicted)

I feel this one is fairly self explanatory. Scottie likes to remove shoes and give him self go faster stripes on his legs while out in the field… Thank God for purple spray and Sudocrem!

J is for Jumping

Most of you will know that I intend to event Scottie one day and for us to do this we really need to do a lot more jumping.

Not Own Photo, taken by Horsehoo Transport for me


Something which despite being an adult, still gets shouted at me by friends and instructors during our polework and jumping sessions…

L is for Laughter

Scottie is easily the funniest horse I know. He’s also a lot funnier than most people I know too. I don’t think a day goes by where I don’t giggle at him. Such a brilliant personality.

M is for Mark Todd

The legendary Mark Todd is one of my all time favourite riders. I also love his equestrian clothing brand! In fact I think I currently own 4 Mark Todd yard coats…

N is for Nails

In particular the shinny copper nails Scottie has in his shoes and what I seem to spend my whole life marketing at work!

O is for Over Reaching

Something Scottie does on a daily basis and the reason he lives in front over reach boots and the occasional pair behind for good measure!

P is for Pessoa

Although this training aid is a bit like marmite, I swear by my pessoa. It has really helped Scottie build up topline and bum muscle by 1) teaching him how to carry himself and 2) encouraging him to work properly without a weight (me) on his back to have to support as well.


Q is for Quiet

Over the years of riding thoroughbreds and ex racehorses, I have learnt the value of being quiet, especially in the saddle. Sometimes when a horse completely loses the plot on a hack, just sitting there ignoring them is the perfect way for them to sort their minds out and relax.

R is for Retraining Racehorses

Unsurprisingly, with a blog dedicated to ex racehorses and tracking my progress retraining Scottie, the racing industry, race horses and retraining is a huge part of my day to day experiences with the equine industry!

S is for Sarcoids

Not long after arriving, Scottie developed a small sarcoid on his sheath. This then led to me developing a slight obsession for them. They became the topic for many university projects and blog posts…

T is for Trouble

My nickname for Scottie, even though he doesn’t cause much trouble, he is quite good at getting himself into interesting situations…

U is for Uh-Oh!

We’ve all been there, those moments where everything goes a bit wrong! This was one of ours…


V is for Videos

While competing in online dressage I found out how useful videoing yourself ride is. It has helped me recognise what exactly is happening and helped me correct it. Such a fantastic tool!

W is for Wet

Which is what I usually am after hauling water buckets and soaking haynets!

X is for X

The marker we never seem to quite hit in our dressage tests… unless we are meant to be somewhere else!

Y is for YES

Being a horse owner and an equine blogger has brought lots of exciting opportunities for me. But to get them you have to be open to new things and be ready to say yes when new things come along.

Z is for Zebra Fly Rug


What’s your personal Horsey A-Z?

Last Updated on 07/08/2018

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