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Guest Blogging with EquiPepper

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I love the idea of guest blogging, whether it is me writing a post for someone else or having someone write for me. Writing for someone else gives me the opportunity to share what I do and my writing style with a new audience and hopefully attract some new followers myself. And having someone write for me gives me something new and slightly different to post on EquiPepper which in turn could lead to new people finding my blog.

For these reasons, I am always looking to work with new people on guest blogs and actively encourage people to guest blog on EquiPepper. Last year I ran the Saturday Switch where for a month I had a guest blog posted every Saturday. I have always had rough guidelines of what I did and didn’t want in a guest blog and who could submit one, but I have always been very flexible and open to anything my audience would find interesting. Find out more about guest blogging.

However, recently I have been approached by a few companies looking for guest blogging and/or advertorial. Because of this I have had to re-evaluate and formalise my guidelines. I made the decision to do this because I want to keep EquiPepper an interesting website and not turn into something full of adverts. You can view the new guidelines here.

Even though I am being a bit stricter on commercial content on EquiPepper, I am starting to looking into getting more regular guest blogs from bloggers, riders and horse owners with the occasional bit of company/brand content. If you are interested in writing for EquiPepper please get in contact with us.

Last Updated on 07/08/2018

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