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I have recently been thinking about different ways to reach a new audience and potentially try my hand at something new. Over the weekend I suddenly thought of Tumblr!

Now I’ve never used Tumblr, but I have been aware of it for a while now. I know that a lot of people blog exclusively on Tumblr and that others use it as a way to share their blog posts. So I bit the bullet and created an account, you can find us here.

From my experience so far, it has a similar vibe to Twitter, where you can follow hashtags and accounts and it’s fairly easy to see what new people (strangers) share. However, unlike Twitter, there isn’t a 140 character limit, so you have a lot more freedom!

I am still getting to grips with it, but I am starting to search hashtags and follow people who are posting horse/thoroughbred content I like and interacting with posts (although I’m still a bit clueless as to what I am doing!)

I have however, managed to make my account look nice, written a welcome post and linked my account to my blog and Instagram, so there should soon be regular posts to my Tumblr account which is important for any social media! I am also hoping to post new content here, exclusive to my Tumblr, but I haven’t decided what this will be yet though.

I will bring you updates on my progress and thoughts about Tumblr once I’ve done a bit more on it. But if you use it and have any tips or advice that would be fantastic!


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