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Why should you embrace YouTube?

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It’s no secret that video is a fantastic tool for any website or blog. It helps you to show your audience what you want to tell them and can make your audience feel closer to you. So you would be silly to not use any video at all! But for some people, knowing how to share video and what to use can be tricky. Now I’m not expert, far from it, but I would always recommend YouTube as a good starting place. YouTube is easily the most well known platform for video sharing and it’s fairly straightforward to use, but these are the 3 main reasons why YouTube works so well for a blogger:

Easy to embed videos on blog/website

With the standard, free, WordPress plan, you can’t upload and add videos to your posts and pages, which is a massive pain if you want to include videos! However, you can insert the code from your YouTube account into your website and it will play on your page. Also, for many websites, whether self hosted or not, you usually have a media/data limit. Embedding code from YouTube to play videos on your pages means you don’t have to upload it onto your server, saving you space!

Easy to share on social media

YouTube works well with most social media platforms. Simply post the link to the video in your status and the social media platform will find that video for you and include a thumbnail in your status. Some platforms, such as Facebook, also enable users to play the video without having to travel to YouTube. Which saves them time and means they are more likely to watch the entire video!

Can reach a new audience

Finally, how many celebrities became famous from simply being a YouTuber? Good YouTube channels have huge followings. If you are creating interesting videos people want to watch, you can end up reaching a whole new audience. Any video I post on YouTube which links to a blog post I wrote, I include a link to the post in the description. This means that there is an easy way for the user to find out more if they are interested! After all, YouTube is another social media platform and you should make full use of it to build and engage your audience.


Although I have been using YouTube for a long time to upload riding videos to share on EquiPepper, I have only very recently started to try and attract a new audience using YouTube. But for ideas on how to layout your YouTube Channel and link back to your website/blog, please check out the EquiPepper channel.

How many of you already use YouTube? Do you find it useful? Please share your tips and tricks below πŸ™‚


Last Updated on 07/08/2018

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