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Off to Badminton!

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So tomorrow we head off to Badminton Horse Trials and I am pleased to say we have got some exciting things to bring you!

Like last year, we will be following the 6 ex racehorses competing for the RoR prize for highest placed ex racehorse. But since we have press accreditation for this year event, you can expect a lot more than last year! I have some great things in mind and internet and mobile signal depending, you have some great things to look forward too.

Who are this years Ex Racehorses?

  • Arctic Soul
    Ridden by Gemma Tattersall for GB, Arctic Soul was the winner of the first ever RoR prize last year. Can he repeat they repeat this again this year?
  • Galley Light
    Last year Galley Light came 12th at Badminton with GB rider Ben Way.
  • Kaapachino
    Ridden by New Zealand’s Jesse Campbell, they placed 33rd last year and I’m sure they will be looking to improve on this last year.
  • Donner
    Partnered with Lynn Symansky, they were reserve for the USA team for Rio 2016 and have already won an American award for OTTB’s.
  • Simply Priceless
    Finished 14th at Burghley last year with Elisa Wallace for the USA. A similar result at Badminton would be fantastic.
  • Balladeer Durban Hills
    At 12 years old, they are the youngest ex racehorse competing at Badminton this year with Sarah Parkes.

So what can you expect from EquiPepper during the event?

  • Live Updates
    You will get live updates on the 6 ex racehorses competing this year! As well as updates on other favourite horses and riders.
  • Photos
    Lots and lots of photos! Keep an eye on our social media (especially our Instagram and Facebook) for photos of the event.
  • Phase write ups
    At the end of each phase there will be a blog post published bringing you the highs and the lows of the phase and maybe even some quotes from the riders!
  • Shopping Suggestions
    I will also be spending plenty of time browsing the many stands during the event. Keep your eye on social media for must see stands and fantastic offers!

What else is EquiPepper doing to embrace Badminton?

  • Interviews
    To get into the Badminton spirit and embracing ex racehorses competing, I have several interviews lined up from riders eventing at all levels on their ex racehorses!
  • Follow Up Posts
    Even once Badminton is over and I am back in the comfort of a building with 4 solid walls and a sofa, I already have a couple of post ideas for you summing up the whole event.

What other Riders will we have our eye on?

We all have favourites and I’m no different. Below you will find the list of riders I intend on following closely throughout the event.

  • Mark Todd
  • Alexander Bragg
  • Andrew Nicholson
  • Shane Rose
  • Michael Jung
  • Blyth Tait

To get the best out of EquiPepper at Badminton make sure you follow us on social media!


Last Updated on 07/08/2018

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