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"Very Tough" Cross Country Phase at Badminton 2017

Andrew Nicolson at Badminton 2017 on eventer. horse obesity. Grand Slam of Eventing

The leading riders after the Cross Country phase were all in agreement that today’s cross country test was a real challenge. They talked about how they had to really concentrate the whole way round and how the horses really had to think about what they were doing. Andrew Nicholson described it as a “sit on your backside and work” course. He explained that for many 3* and 4* courses, the very best horses and riders can glide around about 2/3 of the course without too much of a problem. Whereas this course was very different, it needed your respect and concentration. Michael Jung added to this saying it was “one tough question after the next.”

You realise just how difficult the course is when you look at the stats, 16 combinations were eliminated, 12 retired, 32 didn’t have any jumping penalties and only 2 made it inside the time (Michael Jung with La Biosthetique Sam FBW, Tim Price with Xavier Faer.) So it really was a challenge!

The top 10 combinations after Cross Country:

Sam XC

Michael Jung, Sam an Willberry at the KBIS Bridge

  1. Ingrid Klimke & Horseware Hale Bob Old, 39.1
  2. Michael Jung & La Biosthetique Sam FBW, 40.0
  3. Andrew Nicholson & Nereo, 40.4
  4. Tim Price & Xavier Faer, 48.2
  5. Mark Todd & NZB Campino, 50.4
  6. Rosalind Canter & Allstar B, 54.5
  7. Oliver Townend & Odt Ghareeb, 56.2
  8. Alexander Bragg & Zagreb, 57.0
  9. Mark Todd & Leonidas II, 58.1
  10. Yoshiaki Oiwa & The Duke Of Cavan, 58.2

Tomorrows show jumping looks to be exciting with less than a fence down separating the top 3! Another rider I think needs mentioning is Cathal Daniels who currently sits in 33rd place. He needs mentioning as it was his chestnut mare who had a tantrum in the dressage yesterday, leaving them bottom of the leader board by almost 20 penalties! But the flew round clear today with just 6 time penalties. I really hope he creeps up the board tomorrow!

Ex Racehorses

Galley Light XC

Galley Light and Ben Way at the Sheep Feeder

It was a good and bad day for the ex racehorses competing at Badminton today. Arctic Soul and Donner both got round with just time penalties, leaving them in 12th and 24th place. Galley Light had 20 jumping penalties as well as a few time penalties and currently sits in 38th place.

The other three ex racehorses had worse luck today. Kaapachino retired and Simply Priceless and Balladeer Durban Hills were eliminated. But they all had really strong moments around the course and I’m sure we will see them back again soon.

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