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5 Horsey Activities for the Non-Horsey Partner

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Equestrians know how to have fun. Our lives revolve around our favourite equine (and often canine) friends and we enjoy nothing more than a good horsey day. However, when you have a non-horsey partner/friend/family, it can be hard to find time to see them if it doesn’t involve horses. So in this post I have created a list of activities which will hopefully appeal to both of you.

  1. Day at the Races
    Horse racing is the second biggest spectator sport in the UK and it makes for a fantastic day out. No matter where you go, it is always a perfect opportunity to dress up! Take a picnic, stop by the food stands or book yourself into one of the restaurants onsite and enjoy a few drinks while you watch the thoroughbreds race at the top of their game. Pick your favourite horse/jockey/silks and try your luck with the bookies. I guarantee that most non-horsey people will love a good day at the races, especially if the weather is good!
  2. 4* or 5* Cross Country day
    If racing isn’t your thing, or if you’re a bit of an eventing nut, then visiting Badminton or Burghley for the cross country day could be perfect. It’s one of the more interesting sports for non-horsey people to understand and appreciate, plus there tends to be a lot of action, which seems to appeal to non-horsey folk even if it makes us hold our breath!
    You can take your other 4 legged friends and spend the day walking through the beautiful grounds, watching the cross country and wandering through the many food stands, tasting free samples of cheese, meat, cake, sweets and gin! Sounds like a perfect day to me!
  3. County Shows
    Does your partner have any interest in farming, dogs or country life? If so then a county show could appeal to both of you. There will be plenty of horse classes, livestock classes, displays, trade stands and food stands. With most of these shows lasting over several days, there will be plenty to fill your day with!
  4. Yard BBQs
    Chances are, everyone else at your yard will know your pain and will also have non-horsey family. Organise a BBQ with drinks at the yard one weekend for liveries and their families. You get to spend time at your favourite place and with your partner. On a nice sunny day, who doesn’t enjoy a BBQ and drinks?
  5. Hunt Meetings
    Depending how dedicated you and your partner are to the cold and wet, you could get involved with your local hunt. Whether you put yourself forward to help by opening gates from the ground or by handing out drinks and cakes to the riders and helpers you could have a fantastic day and be invited to the hunt ball!
    Alternatively, you could do what we did last time our local hunt set off in the village and take a detour on a dog walk to wander up to the start point and watch them all get ready and enjoy the atmosphere. We were even given cake! It’s a fantastic sight and you can go home afterwards and get all cosy in the warm.

Do you do any horsey activities with your non-horsey partners?

Last Updated on 28/01/2022

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