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Exploring Pinterest

Lots of other bloggers I know have recently have been talking about how much traffic they get from pinterest. It seems to be something which can work very well if you use it well. So I have decided to try using pinterest properly and see if it works for me.

I have had pinterest for a little while now, but I have never really used it properly and I’ve never really had any traffic from it unless someone else has pinned one of my blog posts. So a few days ago I made the bold (possibly stupid) decision to delete all my current pins and start over.

First I revamped my profile a little. I made sure there was a link to my website and added a profile description giving an overview of what EquiPepper is all about.

Originally, I only had one board for all my EquiPepper pins. This was fine, but after some research, I discovered that a better way to manage blog/website content if you have a lot of posts/pages is to have multiple boards, each having it’s own topic. I decided multiple boards was the way forward.

I created a few boards to start with and gave them a good description before starting to go through all my posts from 2017 and pinning the best posts to the most relevant board. After going through all of my 2017 posts and some of the key pages, I now have 11 boards on my profile.

Everything I have pinned I have given a description and I am hoping to find out what types of description work best for my audience and what generates the most, if any, traffic.

Over the next few weeks I plan on continuing through all my posts and pinning the most popular and best posts and making sure all the boards have good descriptions. Once I have done all of this I will start searching for equestrian accounts on pinterest and engage with the equine community.

I will update you all in a month or two with how we are getting on with pinterest and any changes I have made etc. In the mean time, you can find us on pinterest as EquiPepper.


Last Updated on 07/08/2018

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