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EquiMind ~ New Sponsor

equimind how to dressage online dressage

I am really pleased to tell you all that I am one of the new EquiMind Sponsored riders!

EquiMind is a new (ish) online competition for; dressage, showing, western and horsemanship classes. I entered for the first time in April and you can read all about my first experience with them here. They also offer weekly training classes alongside their monthly competition classes to give you some feedback for any tests you have coming up.

Thanks to their sponsorship I will be able to compete every month in their online classes and know that I am being judged by a registered BD judge. I can also enter a training video each month and I am thinking about stepping up to novice in the training videos, or at least I will after a few months. This will allow me to gauge when we are ready to move up to novice level in competition.

I am really excited about being part of team EquiMind and will be documenting all our progress with them over the next 12 months. So keep your eyes peeled!

Last Updated on 05/06/2022

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