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Injury Time

Scottie jumping steps cross country. buying an ex racehorse

If you read our post about our first time at riding training camp, you will know that we had a particularly nasty fall out on the cross country course where Scottie panicked and my leg got caught up in his on my way to the floor. This lead to a very hot and swollen knee and a lot of bruising!

A few days after the fall, the swelling went down enough for the bruising to come out and it made me realise just how lucky I was. While it was pretty sore still, I was fairly mobile, able to walk (well hobble) around relatively pain free as long as I kept the knee joint fairly still and took light steps. So I managed to get my yard jobs done without an issue and could spend the rest of the time with my leg up and occasionally icing it to help reduce the swelling.

My injury combined with the heatwave we had this week gave me the perfect time to give Scottie some time off and rest my knee, only venturing into the saddle for a quiet hack around the fields after a hot day.

However, after a week of being good and resting my knee, even more bruising had come out and the swelling hadn’t really changed. Friends and family kept saying that it didn’t look good and that I should go get checked out, just in case. So despite being pretty sure it was nothing serious, I made an appointment with my GP.

They asked me what the issue was, watched me walk and poked and prodded the area around my knee and confirmed what I had self diagnosed. Nothing broken and no damage to the ligaments/tendons. Just badly bruised. They said to just continue what I am doing and take anti-inflammatories and it should clear up in the next week. If it’s no different after that, or if I’m worried about it, then they will have another look, but there is no signs of serious damage.

So I now have another easy week ahead, although I am hoping to get a couple of rides in and film this months entry for EquiMind. So don’t be surprised if we are a bit quiet here at EquiPepper, as we don’t have a huge amount going on during our mini holiday. But I hope to be back in full swing next week!


Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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