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Brand New Little Alf Shop

little alf jumper and tally

Hannah has been dropping hints on social media for a while now about some really exciting news she has coming up. She has now spilled the beans and I am so pleased and excited for her to be opening the first ever Little Alf shop!

The shop will be in the town Leyburn in the Yorkshire Dales and is set to open in July. It will stock all the Little Alf books and their growing product range including; Clothing, Hat Silks, Alf Teddys and bum bags. If you are a fan of Little Alf it is the perfect opportunity to go along and meet the author and hear more stories about Alf.

For those of you who haven’t come across Little Alf before, they are a brand created by Hannah after she published her first book about her Shetland pony Alf at just aged 17! A few years on Hannah has achieved so much and I am proud to be a Little Alf brand ambassador. They produce lovely children’s books and their new equestrian merchandise is perfect for kids and ponies (and I am holding out for some bigger sizes for Scottie the giant pony!)

But if like me, Yorkshire isn’t easy to get to, all their products are still available online from their website; www.littlealf.com


Last Updated on 07/08/2018

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