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Half Year Highlights

We are now half way through the year and we’ve had such a good year so far! So I thought I would share my highlights so far this year.

Moving yardswp-1483899730215.jpg

At the beginning of the year a space finally opened at a yard in my village I have had my eye on for years. It’s a small yard where people just never leave! I’ve had a friend there for a while now and it’s such a nice yard that if it doesn’t suit their horse, people are more inclined to change horses than they are yards.

It’s been fantastic having Scottie so close to home and has saved me a lot of petrol! I have also seen a big improvement in my riding and Scottie since being there. It’s almost like being surrounded by more performance driven people is pushing us to achieve more too!

Little Alf Brand Ambassador

Early this year we were announced as one of Little Alf’s brand ambassadors. This was fantastic news for me and is the first time I have been supported by a brand. So was a very exciting step for me as both a rider and a blogger!

Media Accreditation at BadmintonQwanza XC (2)

I still can’t quite believe I managed to get press accreditation for Badminton this year. I had never been to Badminton before and it was fantastic to spend the week taking in everything there, meeting top riders and having my first proper experience of being a journalist. A truly amazing experience.

EquiMind Sponsored Rider

I was over the moon to be announced as one of EquiMinds sponsored riders recently. I feel really honoured to be supported by two new and growing brands this year and I love working with them.


My final highlight so far this year is our time at camp. I have never been to camp before and I had a fantastic time and learnt so much. I learnt a few more exercises to do with Scottie and he surprised me by how brave he was throughout our time there. Totally makes up for our nasty fall!

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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