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EquiMind Training Feedback

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The beginning of the week I received my first audio feedback from my trainer at EquiMind. As part of being one of EquiMind’s sponsored rider I get a free training entry each month with a trainer. I simply send in a video and they send me back a recording of where they think I can improve and some exercises to help. The video I send could be my test entry that month, or a video of me working in the school on different exercises, so a really useful tool to improve!

This month my feedback was on our Prelim 7 test, which you can read about here. I knew after watching this test back, it wasn’t our best and really needed a lot more energy. So I had a good idea of what our audio feedback would be. Since that test, Scottie has had his back done and has come back so much better. So I am finding that although the audio feedback we received from our trainer was spot on from the video they saw, unfortunately it wasn’t hugely relevant to us. Because of this, I am finding it really hard to give a proper review of the training side of EquiMind and have decided to wait until next month where hopefully we will be back to our usual selves and instead use this post to give you a bit of an idea of what is included in your audio training feedback.

The first minute and a half of our feedback is the trainer mentioning the good and bad parts of the video and where they think there can be improvement. The next 3-4 minutes are the trainer suggesting and explaining exercises they recommend us using to improve on the weaker areas. They explain what the exercise is, how to ride it, what you are looking for and how it improves the horse/rider. So a really helpful tool.

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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