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Scottie’s Diary ~ Super Thoroughbred Powers

scottie grazing

As you will probably know, thanks to Mum sharing it all over social media and writing a long blog post about it at the weekend, I had a bit of an accident at the weekend. And when I say accident, I really mean disagreement with Jo Jo. I really hurt my leg and I think I scared everyone when it was far too painful for me to think about walking on it.

However, I have Super Thoroughbred powers of healing! After being confined to my stable for 24 hours, the vet reappeared and made Mum walk me up and down the yard. I was feeling much better and only had a slightly hobble. This pleased the vet who then cruelly asked Mum to make me trot for a few strides! I am not ashamed to say that these strides were more of a thrashing hop than anything which resembled a trot. It had been 24 hours! What did you really expect?

Yesterday was my third visit from the vet who once again asked to see me trot. Very mean I know, it still had only been 48 hours… less than that really. But hey, I have super healing powers beyond the normal horses! So this time I actually managed to trot for the cruel vet, albeit a lame trot, but a trot none the less! After this she gave me my final jabs of antibiotics and said to Mum that oral antibiotics will do now. I have no idea what oral means, but I’m not getting jabbed anymore AND my breakfast and dinner have gotten bigger. So things are pretty good really.

The vet also said that if I can trot in hand okay by the weekend I can start going out in the field! I can’t wait! Mum has taken me out to have some grass a few times, but she always takes me once everyone else is in, so that’s no fun and there’s really not enough grass for it to be worth it.

I’ve got my hooves crossed that Mum deems me fit (and sensible) enough to go out in the field at the weekend. I am also being super well behaved on our boring twice daily walks around the yard. I mean, I would much rather just go out in the field or tuck into my haynet. But no, Mum insists on these boring walks but she got really annoyed at me yesterday trying to make it more interesting by stopping to look and sniff everything when she decided to take me out in the pouring rain.

So all in all, I’m doing okay. Box rest really isn’t that bad at all, you get so many extra treats! And it doesn’t sound like I’m going to be on it for long, although it sounds like Mum doesn’t want me to go out with Jo Jo anymore…

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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  1. Scottie it sounds like you really are a super thoroughbred! Good for you taking box rest in stride. I bet mom is giving you the best treats. No more fighting with Jo Jo.

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