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Snuggy Hoods Travel/Stable Boots Review

scottie wearing stable wraps during his box rest.

Some of you may remember all the way back to when I purchased Scottie’s Snuggy Hoods Jams with matching Stable/Travel boots. I reviewed this set, mainly focusing on the rug and hood and how easy it was to use as after all, the boots were really just a matching accessory for me. However, since then I have used these boots a lot more and can write a proper review of them.

These boots can be travel or stable boots. However, Snuggy Hoods recommending going down a size if you intend to use them as stable boots, so you can’t really use them as both. Scottie has them as stable boots and even if I had bought the bigger size I’m not sure how happy I would feel traveling in them without bandaging over the top as my Rambo travel boots are much sturdier and in my opinion, offer a lot more protection than these boots alone.



However, I use them frequently as stable boots. Scottie’s back legs in particular do start to swell if he is spending a lot of time in the stable. These boots are really more like wraps, meaning they offer good support and are very easy to apply. I find they really help prevent swelling, or at the very least reduce it.

Over the winter months I also use them if I wash the mud off his legs when he comes in. As soon as I’ve finished I put these boots on to help dry his legs and keep them warm, which is a key factor in preventing mud fever.

With Scottie’s most recent injury, I need to bandage his back legs over night to help reduce the swelling and while I don’t think these boots are sufficient to do this alone, they are a great alternative to Gamgee. My Gamgee is still fairly new and just doesn’t stay in shape while I’m trying to bandage around it and is really the bane of my life. After watching someone else bandage over the top of these boots I have decided this is a fantastic idea and I will be using it in the future!

I highly recommend these stable/travel boots. They are reasonably priced, easy to use and have so many different uses. Plus, with 10 different patterns, you can have a lot of fun get matching accessories for you, your horse and even your dog!


Last Updated on 07/08/2018

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