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Playing with Flipagram

Those of you who follow us on social media may have clocked the new Flipagram marked videos I have created. With Scottie on box rest I have been doing a lot of mundane tasks I don’t usually have to do such as bandaging and hand walking. One afternoon I thought of filming myself bandage to use as a demonstration for bandaging, which I had written about doing in a previous post.

However, since I was up the yard by myself, I didn’t have anyone available to film this for me. So instead I made a makeshift tripod. Unfortunately, the angle this created and the fact that I hadn’t actually talked about what I was doing and why meant that I felt that this video would be pretty useless as a helpful video.

So instead I thought about what else I could do with the video as it seemed a shame to do nothing with it. It was too long to just use on social media and that’s when I had the brainwave to speed it up. This would make it short enough to go on social media and give my followers an insight into what daily life with Scottie is like at the moment. I just needed an app/program to do this for me.

I have seen lots of people doing similar things with Flipagram on social media so I decided to download it and see how I got on with it. It did exactly what I wanted – speeding up the video and also meant I could search songs to sum up the video perfectly. Now I don’t mind bandaging as a general rule, but I hate having to roll them back up so I can use them again afterwards. I chose the song Hard Times by Paramore for this video to sum up my feelings about bandaging!

A few days later I made another video of Scottie doing his 10 minute walks in the pouring rain. I made this just after publishing Scottie’s diary about having super thoroughbred powers and recovering super quick from his injury and put this to the song Immortal by Fall Out Boy.

Long term I am unsure how often I will be using Flipagram, but I am really enjoying sharing snippets of mine and Scottie’s very mundane life in a fun way and these videos have been some of our most popular posts ever on Instagram! So they are certainly worth doing.


Last Updated on 07/08/2018

3 thoughts on “Playing with Flipagram”

  1. I’ve never used Flipagram but it sounds like fun. I love that you can pair a song with it. I am thinking about getting a tripod that can hold my iPhone as well as my DSLR for video. Of course, I need a new DSLR since it’s dying. The needs never end…..

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