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Riding Road Safety *Sponsored*

I was recently approached by Country & Stable with their new road safety info-graphic. While their advice may seem obvious to many horse riders, it is amazing how many fail to follow these basic guidelines. Below you can find a brief overview of their thoughts and info-graphic. You can find more tips and statistics on riding road safety on the Country & Stable blog.


Riding on the road might not be everyone’s favourite activity, but sometimes it’s something we just have to do. Whether we’re teaching youngsters (or their horse) or just getting from A to B, riding on the road is a necessity most of us will have to contend with at some point.

Of course, when we ride on the road we have to be extra vigilant and aware of the dangers its presents. We have to rely on other road users to do their bit (which we all know they don’t always do), but that doesn’t mean we can’t ride safely and sensibly to reduce the risks to us and our horses.

If you’re new to riding on the road or you just want a few extra tips and pointers, the following graphic from Country & Stable is a great place to start. It gives a handful of handy pieces of advice, including wearing the right protective and safety gear, teaching your horse basic lateral movements, maintaining correct road position, and more. There’s also an important one on there about being courteous to other road users. We might not always be afforded patience and good manners from drivers, but it’s important we acknowledge those who do give us the time and space we need – hopefully they will appreciate it and the good will can spread to other road users!

Do you have any other tips for riding on the road? Let us know!


Last Updated on 30/09/2020

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