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August EquiMind

With Scottie out of ridden action last month, we couldn’t enter our usual dressage class with EquiMind. However, luckily they hold a wide range of classes including in hand horsemanship/partnership classes. They currently offer 3 of these classes and one of them is all in walk – which seemed like the perfect thing to make Scottie’s hand walking more interesting!

I’m really pleased to say that we scored 68% and came 2nd. I’m still waiting on our full judges feedback but apparently the judge really liked Scottie. So I am super pleased with him!

As well as our usual entry, I also decided to send in some photos into the photo showing classes this month. We entered; Best Showing, Best Dressage and Best Jumping. We weren’t quite as successful as last month, coming 10th in both the Dressage and Jumping classes. But these were both big classes and we did well last month so we can’t complain too much. We did very well in the showing class, winning the senior section with one of my favourite photos of me and Scottie from several years ago.

Our feedback from the judges for our photo classes was:

Highland Rain (38)Showing: “Nice partnership, moving well together! Now, try to work on troting him with less tension on the rein. This will allow him to stretch the head forward and show even better strides.”



Not Own Photo, owned by Equuis Photography. https://www.facebook.com/equuisimages/

Jumping: “Horse is clearing jump well! Now, the rider needs to keep the lower leg more forward, hands away from neck and push the bottom out towards the back.”




23rd August (13)Dressage: “Horse is tracking up well, be careful not to raise your heels as knee is in front of knee roll.”


Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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