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Want to have a go at competing online?

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Those of you who follow our progress will know that I am a big fan of competing online. When I was at University, with no transport and limited funds, being able to compete each month online was a fantastic tool for us. Having a competition to aim for at the end of each month drove me to put in the extra effort in our schooling to improve our dressage scores.

IMG_20170825_185652_369I am really lucky to be sponsored by EquiMind, who provide a wide range of online competitions from dressage and showing to vaulting and barrel racing. This meant that despite Scottie being out of ridden action, I was able to make his twice daily hand walking more interesting by taking part in their in hand horsemanship classes! Unlike some of the other online companies out there, they really focus on helping you improve, offering very detailed feedback and extra training classes across all their disciplines.

IMG_20170916_153427_993They recently held their summer championships where they had a huge range of classes with fantastic prizes including trophies for the champion in each section! They really went out of their way to give a fantastic experience to everyone who took part. Many of us who took part don’t have our own transport and struggle to go out and compete enough to qualify for anything like this away from home. So this really was fantastic for us!

Qualifiers for the winter championships start this month and all you need to do to qualify is place in the top 6 in one class between now and the championships. If you are interested in taking part in the winter championships or if you simply want to have a go at online competing to see if you enjoy it, I am pleased to say that as a sponsored rider, I can offer you 50% your first class. This means a dressage test would cost you just £6.25! Where else would you pay that price to be judged by a registered BD judge?

If you want to have a go at competing online please email me at equipepper@gmail.com with your name. I can then pass this information on to EquiMind who will arrange your 50% discount. 

Last Updated on 07/08/2018

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