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Mark Todd Jackets ~ Mark of Quality

Maia and me

Those of you who read our reports on eventing will likely know that I am a big Mark Todd fan. He is an amazing rider, a true genius, but his Mark Todd Collection is also pretty impressive. In the past I have reviewed the Mark Todd Country Boots and loved them! I am currently eyeing up my next pair.

But while turning Scottie out the other morning in my old trusty Mark Todd jacket, I realised just how amazing quality this equipment is. I currently have 4 Mark Todd coats. 2 of the longer style and two of the shorter style with the elasticated waist. I love them all and they all have different purposes in my life.


In this post I want to review my long, lightweight Mark Todd jacket. It is the perfect jacket to have in my car all year round. It is a thin waterproof perfect for summer showers over a T-Shirt or over a jumper in the winter. It’s cool enough for riding in most temperatures and strong enough to keep the wind and rain out.

However, the most impressive thing about this coat isn’t so much what it can do, but how long it has been doing this. I don’t remember exactly how long I have owned this coat. But I get memories on Facebook from the stables come up from 6-7 years ago of me wearing this coat (and it doesn’t look exactly new in them!) For many years this coat was my only good waterproof coat. It was worn to every riding lesson, every cold or rainy day at the stables, every dog walk and even to a few festivals. Even once I got to University and purchased a few more coats, I tried to keep a few for ‘best’ so this old coat still saw most days at the yard.

Now don’t get me wrong, this coat is starting to show some signs of age. On one of the pocket zips, the stitching has come away slightly, so there is a bit of a hole next to the zip. And the zip at the front of the coat is worn at the bottom and can sometimes be a bit fiddly to do up. But 7+ years later it is still functioning really well. It still keeps me warm and dry, which is all it needs to do.


Now obviously this coat was discontinued years ago now, so I am not suggesting you go out and try and buy one. But if you are looking for a new coat to last, I highly recommend going for the Mark Todd range. They are always my first choice and are completely worth the price (plus if you time it right, you can get some fantastic offers in the end of season sale!) Below you can find some photos of me wearing this coat through the years and with different horses!

Last Updated on 15/03/2024

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