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DressMyHorse.com Review

I think it is safe to say that Matchy Matchy is here to stay. Now this means that we will continue to see gorgeous photos of horses and riders in flawless matchy matchy. However, this also means that we will consider to see hundreds of posts on social media of poor quality photos and people asking what colour would look best on their horse. I know that these posts drive so many people crazy, even on groups dedicated to matchy matchy.

Another common matchy matchy issue is having an awkward coloured horse. Chestnuts tend to be the worst for this. So many colours just look odd on them and they range in colour so much that it can be practically impossible to know how any colour will look on them until you see it. But the launch of the new app DressMyHorse.com could put an end to all of these problems once and for all.

c2i_308201716451.pngDressMyHorse.com allows you to upload a photo of your horse and try on various matchy sets and colours to see how they look. You can alter the size and angle of each item to make it fit the photo the best and it will also suggest similar items to try alongside each item. You can also save each look and save matchy sets to your wish list.

Do I like it?

I think this is a really good idea and is one of those apps where I think it will get better the more brands get involved. It’s fun to play with and having a bright ginger myself, it is hard to tell what exactly will suit him, especially with how orange he goes over the winter. There are several sets I have had my eye on recently and it has been nice to have a play around with them. However, despite have most of the Le Mieux range, it doesn’t have the mustard – which I have been dying to try!

c2i_30820171657.pngHow easy is it to use?

It’s very straight forward to use and the tutorial tells you everything you need to know. Things happen in a logical way, unlike lots of other apps out there! However, I do find it quite slow to load products sometimes. And once you have the products on the photo it can be a bit fiddly. Making something a tiny bit big can quickly turn into completely obscuring your horse with a saddle pad and it can sometimes be tricky to select one boot/bandage in particular to move/resize etc. But for a newly released app it works very well and I haven’t stumbled across any obvious problems.

c2i_308201716717.pngHowever, there are a few limitations:

  • Currently the range of products is fairly limited to a few major brands, which is fantastic to give you an idea of most colours. But other brands offer some very different colours and designs, which it would be nice to be able to consider in the app too.
  • Photos (of both your horse and of the products themselves) may not be a true representation of the actual colour. They could be off by a few shades which could potentially make a big difference to the outcome. So while it can give you a good idea of how it will look, you may never really know until you try it in person.
  • The photo of your horse must be side on and for the ear bonnet to fit well, the horses face must be side on too.
  • I think there should be the option to have the ear bonnets view from side on or face on. As sometimes you want to see how well you horses face will suit the bonnet.
  • A comparison feature would be nice, so you could compare two completed looks side by side.

It is a good app and as it grows it’s product range it will just get better. It is a lot of fun to play with and if you have a funny coloured horse or just fancy having a play with some new colours, I highly recommend downloading it.


Last Updated on 22/12/2021

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